Lo spirito della rosa, 2021, vetroresina dipinta, 48 x 56 x40 cm


The Spirit of the Rose


In the sculptural composition, the rose, the quintessential symbol of evolving reality, integrates its vegetal dimension with the typical architectural structure of crystals in an unpredictable combination. The initial images are those of an amino acid and a grain of common salt acquired with the electron microscope. Salt also has a complex symbolism, including that associated with wisdom, knowledge and incorruptibility. I am interested in the pursuit of forms ranging from macro to micro, their continuous relationship aimed at bringing out their infinite potential, as well as their mysterious implications that nurture our imagination. The work testifies to how, in the dialogue between art and science, it is possible to go and look everywhere and how, for both disciplines, knowing the world is part of the same urge to explore.

The work, in 2021, became part of the Quirinale Contemporaneo Collection curated by Renata Cristina Mazzantini and is published in the catalogue issued by Treccani with a text by Marco Bazzini.

Project and related works: