Chiara Canali


A pioneer since the early 2000s in both the creation of 3D video animation and in the modelling of virtual landscapes with the use of nanotechnologies, Giuliana Cunéaz can be counted among the protagonists of a new generation of digital artists who have helped bring about a drastic change in the twentieth century’s visual culture. The combination of these two directions of her research seems to foreshadow the traits of a new aesthetic experience of the 3D landscape that starts from a still magmatic and constantly evolving system of visual conventions.The beginning and end point of this aesthetic redefinition is the video installation entitled The Seekers of Light, which is the artist’s artistic and experimental summa not only by the immersive character of work in 3D, but also the deployment of techniques ranging from performance to cinema, dance and theatre.

(from Giuliana Cunéaz. I Cercatori di Luce, Armando Dadò Editore, Locarno)