Massimo Centini


Her fairies live in osmosis with the environment and then with the mythical impulses of people who have celebrated not only their aesthetic values but above all their sacred ones. They create reverberations of a world in which the artist’s creative undertaking is configured in almost shamanic tones. Giuliana Cunéaz has within herself the rare ability to embody in her artistic creativity not only signs and cultural elements of the magic-religious tradition with animist roots, but to become a part of it. The fabula that Giuliana Cunéaz presents in the poetic maze structured in a mature and engaging language enables us to imagine the inner work behind her research. The female figures that she connotes as fairies may be considered transmutations of pre-Christian divinities. This tension between what was once divine and today is folklore is the staple of the artist’s research, which works by bringing out the power of the sacred, placed transversely, so suggesting an unbroken link between past and present.

(from La Fata delle Morene 1990-2014, Gressan, Aosta)