Tuesday 15th March 2022 – h.18:30

MEET Digital Culture Center Viale Vittorio Veneto 2  Milan

From clay to 3D

On the occasion of Giuliana Cunéaz’s project C’è tanto spazio spazio laggiù in fondo, open till 2nd April, MEET Digital Culture Center organises on Tuesday 5th of March at 18.30 a polyphonic talk named From clay to 3D which analyse hybridisation between the digital world and the traditional elements in a contexts where surprising and unpredictable dynamics come often to life.

That’s clear in Giuliana Cunéaz’s work where 3D dialogue with sculpture (there are clay models in her wunderkammer Matter waves unseen) or painting makes an entropic process of transformation with a lot of consequences.

Talk with:

Valentino Catricalà, art critic and curator of SODA Gallery, Manchester

Paolo Campione, director of MUSEC, Museo delle Culture Lugano

Giuliana Cunéaz, artist

Sandra Lischi, art critic and historian

Maria Grazia Mattei, president of MEET