Cabinet de la Neige


Here is a snowflake in my hand, like some


White Athens in the palm of history,


A moment’s fragile Parthenon …


And I a god who holds it as it dies


To sudden dew. This molecule of world


May be dominion of a subtler nation,


Inviolate to our eyes. If atoms dream,


What kingdom claims this melting star of snow!


Snowflake, Alfred Dorn


It is a Wunderkammer inspired by the fairy-tale climate of a snowfall, where a solid wooden cabinet, reminiscent of the popular joinery tradition, contains within it the 3D video Crystals Growth, across which flow images of an ice cave beaded with crystals. The drawers hold dozens of sculptures in painted raw clay representing nanotechnological crystalline forms of snow. Everything appears immersed in the atmosphere of silence and suspension we perceive following a snowfall. The sculptural components have continuous references to the video, so creating an intense and emotional dialogue with the virtual world.