Il Disegnatore di Luce


Il Disegnatore di Luce is one of the main character of The Seekers of Light, a 3D video installation on three screens about the regenerative power of nature, that involved actors, dancers and performers.

The actor Andrea Damarco plays the part of the magician, the conjuror, the artist. The Magus, the first of the tarot cards, clearly epitomises his character. Intent on understanding and representing all the different realms of living beings, he creates luminous designs through his gestures. The light emanates directly from his fingers and then dissolves quickly. His bearing is proud and concentrated, his gaze ready to be absorbed into every little wonder.

The figure evokes the great Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. The pigments that I applied directly to his trousers evoke biological, physical, mathematical,  chemical and astronomical images. The braces become colourful DNA scales.

Project and related works: