La belle au bois dormant


La belle au bois dormant is an interactive installation also created with the use of Artificial Intelligence. The work allows the viewer to have an individual and emotional experience. There is no longer a single artwork to contemplate, but rather a visually different process each time, with the personality of the individual viewer at the center. Each person, lying on a bed specially designed with the insertion of polymeric elements that evoke the technological universe, finds themselves facing their own vision projected on a monitor embedded in the interior of the canopy.

The title of the work refers to “Sleeping Beauty”, the famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault, with the difference that the viewer is asked to be carried away into a dreamlike universe without falling asleep. They themselves trigger the process by writing a sentence on a tablet.

This writing is then reworked, based on a series of inputs provided by Giuliana Cunéaz, through Artificial Intelligence. Sign and dream find their synthesis based on an investigation where the artist develops her poetics in a completely innovative way by interacting with the machine. The result changes each time, and the observer finds themselves visualizing their own emotions after comfortably lying down on the bed. Everything happens live, and moments after leaving their mark, the images appear on the monitor placed on the top of the canopy, and each person can have a personalized animation that cannot be replicated as it is expressly based on their personality. Each viewer thus inspires a different work of art without their dream being able to appear a second time.