Neither Snow nor Meteor Showers


Neither snow nor meteor showers is an installation that expands in space through different kinds of signs:  3D animation, painted signs, and digital print on canvas. It is the simultaneous flooding of multiple languages, a unison dialogue of different voices taht share a common frequency. The animated sign within the screen painting migrates, invading the surrounding space and gradually settling in layers of acrylic paint – eventually losing its material substance and turning into digital ink. At the same time, the physical quality of painting occupies sectors of the plasma screen, creating an interesting synergy. The fluid continuity of this painted intervention creates a natural, enveloping effect. Migration, disaggregation and re-composition are features intrinsic to this work. 3D animation plays on the enigmatic, ambivalent aspects of forms, given that none of them can really be ascribed to a definite object or element.
Forms chase each other, weaving a tale that tells us about an other dimension, but one that is, again, secretly embedded in the very heart of matter.