Next to the screen paintings and the video installations, my investigation also covers the field of plastic arts, following a procedure I first developed in the early 90s. The innovative aspect of my sculpture is the hybridization between elements that are made visible by the tools of nanotechnology and forms that belong to our collective memory. As a result, dialectical relationship arises between past and future.
Keeping in mind that 3D is a form of virtual sculpture, I applied this principle to the physical dimension of plasticity. From a mental point of view, the process is not very different from that of screen painting, where the hand’s gesture on the screen, i.e. painting, enters a relationship with the virtual part of the work.

In physics, Nanoclusters are aggregations that can include from a few dozens to a few millions atoms, and show a different behavioral pattern from ordinary matter. The large marble sculpture aggregates nanostructure forms deriving from crystals, mushrooms, and aquatic vertebrates – barite, spores, gill filaments etc. The work’s global form recalls that of an ancient capital, an archaeological fragment laid horizontally (see sample).

Project and related works: