Alberto Fiz


“Giuliana Cunéaz reclaims the living body by projecting the poles of rationality and emotionality, of physicalness and transcendence, against one another; The artist acts on a perceptive level regaining possession of the organic sphere through an approach that stems from an aesthetic and moral awareness … it is an operation where art penetrates into the unexplored territory, seizing life in its original component according to a utopian desire for absolute truth…All of Giuliana Cunéaz’s work is an attempt to regain the state of consciousness/unconsciousness based on a continual relationship between Ghenos and Thanatos, between origins and death … the artist analyses the creative process identifying the individual as a thought population … she draws inspiration from the chaos of the mind and works on the perceptive and psychological level associating scientific, mathematic and artistic elements in a unitariness of intent that recalls Leonardo’s principles”.

(from Il cervello nella vasca, Galleria B&D, Milan)