Bruno Corà


What appears evident, after observing Giuliana Cunéaz’s work in recent years, is that for some time now there has been a linguistic, formal and content modality – her own – which does not predict or hope for a modification of art to perpetuate the imaginative activity, but which, without interposing time lags or delays, is already the future itself. For about thirty years her path has not deviated: on the contrary, she has become radicalised towards more arduous experiences involving changes in techniques, but also in pictorial inventions, to qualify both the iconographic rendering and the spatial quality. Experience, explorations and innovations in this period, from her first achievements to the present, have enabled Giuliana Cunéaz to achieve an ease of gesture and conception that distinguishes and affirms her work.


(from Au Cœur de la matière. Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta, Aosta)