Giovanni Iovane


In the video, and in the project, the artist uses images and forms taken from the world of nanotechnologies.
The molecular landscape, translated and elaborated into 3d images, turns the painting’s space into a phenomenological space. The hypothesis Giuliana Cunéaz wants to suggest is not so much a merely virtual world as a more realistic possible world.
What we see is, in a way, a substitution of the notion of infra-mince that was theorized, and only hinted at by Marcel Duchamp, during the Thirties (decades ahead of Benoit Mandelbrot’s “fractals”) with an ultra-deep that is revealed, but not completely archived, by technology.
The careful consideration, and clever combination, of the prerogatives of art and the purposes of technology is what makes Giuliana Cunéaz’s work absolutely original.

(from Giuliana Cunéaz, Silvana Editoriale, Milan)