James Putnam


When the documentary film ‘Journey through the Secret Life of Plants’ was first released back in 1973, its innovative use of time-lapse photography showing plants spurting into growth and flowers blooming in seconds was totally captivating. Giuliana Cunéaz’s new series of 3D animations of realistic yet fantastical botanical structures evoke a similar sense of wonder. These are presented on plasma monitors that she calls ‘screen paintings’ together with related works on canvas using a combination of digital printing and acrylic paint. Her use of the current techniques of digital imagery, combined with an awareness of the biology of consciousness is part of a significant and growing new artistic genre. The real and virtual, the natural and fictional, coexist in Cuneaz’s work, as she enables us to view an otherwise hidden, submicroscopic world with its own secret life of plants.

(from Giuliana Cunéaz, Silvana editoriale, Milan)