Laura Cherubini


“In principle, Giuliana Cunéaz had taken us to an enchanted world…Even there, however, clear to see, alongside the anthrological aspect, the themes of the memory, of infanthood and fairytales, the focus was placed on the why and the how these dreams are generated, on the processes of formation of the imaginary … The work of Giuliana Cunéaz has, in fact, right from the initial relations with the world of science, relations that there reinforced … From 2000 the work on groups began and that on the creative processes and the mechanisms of visual thought … The artist has always been interested in the departure from the conscious world and the passage to other dimensions … just as emerges from the video I Mangiatori di Patate [The Potato Eaters] in 2005, we have to get used to seeing things cross-eyed, partly normally, partly by extrapolating the invisible whole. It means making two worlds coexist, two worlds that already coexist, even though we are not able to recognise the world that we can’t see. The secret of life is the space between the particles”.

(from I Mangiatori di Patate, Gagliardi Art System Gallery, Turin)