Lorenzo Bruni


The transformation of light in Giuliana Cunéaz’s work cannot be separated from the reflection on time, understood as narration, awareness of the elements of the video, but also the time of the performers, the 3D elements, the dialogue with the presence of the viewer within the installation. With The Seekers of Light the artist aims at a reckoning between time as a natural process and as an artistic process. In fact, all her work can be seen as a reflection on the weight of moving images and the type of psychic and physical effect they have on the viewer. From this point of view, Cunéaz displays an alternative voice to video art as it has developed since the 2000s, characterized as a work on the implosion or explosion of narration,

(from Giuliana Cunéaz. I Cercatori di Luce, Armando Dadò Editore, Locarno)