Luigi Meneghelli


“Giuliana Cunéaz’s experimentation ventures, through images, videos and photographs, as far as grasping those extreme states of consciousness in which an individual lives in a different reality, that is nothing but the nucleus of the reality in which we usually close our tenuous experience, extenuated, minimised, sectioned. The artist therefore enters into contact with all of those disciplines (hypnosis, shamanism, ESP, etc.) that induce phenomena of trances, of fainting, of dreaming. But she doesn’t linger on the most showy aspects of the various ceremonies, but prefers to examine the subtle expressive changes and the unfathomable emotional tensions that are displayed by subjects in an “altered state”. In other words, she is interested in actually capturing the dimension of trance, of passage, of transition, namely when the individual is out of himself, without knowing where he is. And so she uses a video camera to “document” the crossing of the boundary that opens towards “the possible”, using an almost participatory technique, or better, with a roving eye, where every discursive nexus opens out and overlaps, where every shape is transformed and multiplies. Even though, as the artist herself confesses, “the conscious does not return to tell us almost anything”.

(from Details, Galleria La Giarina, Verona)