Marco Bazzini


In her project Occulta Naturae, Giuliana Cunéaz relates the similarity between the forms of nanometric elements to our environment as we perceive it daily. Across her 3D videos flow plant worlds, the cycle of the birth and death of a tree, to which the artist has added the figures of birds set on branches directly painted on plasma screens. In this way Giuliana Cunéaz presents a twofold deception, stereoscopy and trompe-l’oeil, to affirm, as if in a double negative, that everything around us is only the fruit of the imagination of our brains. When science and art dialogue with wisdom and discretion, as in Giuliana Cunéaz’s work, we discover that we can go and look everywhere, even without any real purpose, only because science gives us the ability to do so, while art offers us the experience of it.

(from Giuliana Cunéaz3D, Silvana Editoriale, Milan)