Rosanna Albertini


The artworks, if we literally look at them through Donald Judd’s minimalist ethics, are objects that must be self sufficient. In this context, it is evident that the cones conceived and built by Giuliana Cunéaz for Archéopterix do not have any functional meaning. Populations of stars, meteorites, and galaxies are the installation’s only active agents.  The light of celestial bodies automatically allows its trace to remain inside the cone, thanks to a photosensitive material put on the floor. The truncated cone is nothing but a photographic camera reduced to the bone, to steal fragments of infinity, in silence. Not even the sky knows that some beams have paused on the ground. In the meantime the skin of a photograph collects information, and is not aware of doing it.

(from Videoformes, Festival de la Création Vidéo, Clermont-Ferrand, Videoformes editeur)