Sandra Lischi


Giuliana Cunéaz is an utterly original artist in the field of the electronic and digital arts (she is defined as a media artist) in Italy. The strong core of her work is characterized by dialogue and exchanges with science, understood both as the contribution of reflections and change in the paradigms of our thinking, and – perhaps above all – as irrepressible beauty and the striking evocation of scientific images, revisited and recreated with the latest digital technologies, including 3D and virtual techniques. Defining her as a media artist is an understatement, since her work – from the beginnings in the early 1980s – is marked by the mingling of new technologies and objects and materials that go beyond this sphere. The art of installation enables her to use the most diverse materials and create resonances with the real environment; digital technologies enable her to give shape to the suggestion of the infinitely small and to explore the invisible, drawing on images of science, while also creating virtual environments and landscapes. Giuliana Cunéaz’s work is a collection of wonders in which objects regaled by the natural world or created by the artist interact without spatial and temporal distances with forms generated by code and calculation, controlled and reformed by the artistic gesture that brings out invisible microcosms or unattainable worlds.

(La Wunderkammer di Giuliana Cunéaz in Arabeschi. Review of studies on literature and visuality)