Sergio Risaliti


Giuliana Cunéaz’s works are born from this love for the form of nature, be it evident or secret.
This prolonged birth of the object (nature) and of the subject (the perceptive self) is structured into a medium (art), which contains the indissoluble phenomenal and formal convertibility of three life forms (in the words of Wittgenstein). This seems to be the core of the research carried out by Giuliana Cunéaz, who, right from the start, has tried to push her language, practice, and technique towards a ‘mediumistic’ point of contact between art, nature and science, in order to become herself part of this prolonged birth of the visible, the ineffable and the immeasurable.
Her recent works actually link back to the earliest, so that a red thread ties Archeopteyx (1990) to Occulta Naturae (2006). Back then, the artist observed macrocosm, the infinitely distant in terms of astronomy – now, instead, she faces the immensely small dimension of atomic nature, the nanoworld. Today, however, like yesterday, she works with the same contemplative, amazed attitude.


(from Giuliana Cunéaz, Silvana editoriale, Milan)