Stefano Raimondi


The work that first pushed Giuliana to deepen her knowledge of nanotechnology and the formal aspects of this universe was Quantum Vacuum, in 2005. Here begins the path that led her to the creation of I The Potato Eaters, Occulta Naturae, and the more recent The Growing Garden, The God Particle, Nanocluster and Matter Waves. Like Paul Klee did almost a century ago, Giuliana Cunéaz views observation as a study of functions and processes. Her works never depict a definite, immutable form, but rather its evolution in time, its cyclical processes of growth, development and death. Movement begets action, action generates memory. Thus the opposing pair dynamic/static becomes both visible and mimetic at the same time, by operating creatively on two levels – video 3D animation and screen painting.


(Giuliana Cunéaz, Galleria Vernon, Prague)