Biostory, 2000, videoinstallazione, boule in gommapiuma e lattice, proiettore, DVD, amplificatori




Biostory, which is part of the Officine Pastello project, is made up of different elements: a video, a large sculpture in foam rubber and a series of photographic images taken during Biodance courses.
The sculpture has the form of a classic hot-water bottle, but in this case, given its extended dimension with respect to the original object, it is transformed into a comfortable sofa from which spectators can enjoy the video.
Through a series of close-ups, the images show different emotional states generated by sentimental encounters.
The emotions aroused by these exercises, accompanied by music chosen using a specific psychological method, are authentic and tangible, and are portrayed as expressions of tenderness, compassion, joy and passion. Through these sequences, I sought to clarify these curious exercises of the psyche, where profound emotions are generated that pass and fade away rapidly without influencing daily life. The people that participate sometimes don’t even know each other and immediately after the session during which they express great emotions, can return to ignoring one another.

Project and related works: