Peter, 2003-2006, stampa digitale su carta cotone, cm. 60x80


Terrains Vagues


My approach to subject of memory and disorientation is conveyed through a video-installation made with the assistance of several citizens of Berlin, who were asked to rake soil for an ideal natural space located in the city centre, as if that simple request could unearth a desire to find their own roots. In the words of Fedor Dostoevskij, these are Notes from Underground brought to light through exhaustive self-analysis.
I asked each of them to bring an object that was particularly dear to them, to bury it and then to unearth it again.
Raking soil was a way of digging through the incomprehensible, unknown and enigmatic  world in order to concentrate on a primary element, a place of death and birth, to momentarily escape from the chaotic and often distressing rhythms of society in an attempt to listen to the deepest hidden part of ourselves through the underground of the soul. I basically wanted to emphasise the relationship between identity and the creative process of the installation, beginning from the awareness that the individual is a crowd.

Project and related works: