Giuliana Cunéaz, Quantum Quirks, 2024


From February 5 to March 1, 2024, the facade of the Modal Gallery School of Digital Arts (SODA) in Manchester will feature Quantum Quirks by Giuliana Cunéaz.
Giuliana Cunéaz’s new work focuses on another fundamental theme of contemporaneity, namely quantum theory, which has profoundly revolutionized science. It features a spectacular LED projection specifically created by the artist for this occasion with the aim of exploring the quantum universe and the behavior of matter on a nanometric scale.The project, realized with the scientific collaboration of Fabio Truc, interacts with the skyline of the city of Manchester and allows for questioning the standardized view of reality: “In the infinitely small, seemingly inexplicable things happen,” says Giuliana Cunéaz, “an electron or a photon (particle of light), for example, can pass through two holes at the same time or be in multiple places at the same time. These particles then seem able to communicate from one point in space to another even across astronomical distances.”