Matter Waves


“A poet always sees the same thing, whether he is watching with a telescope or a microscope”. Gaston Bachelard


The idea for this new series of works came to me during the long research I have been carrying on about the forms produced by nanotechnologies and, in particular, by the most powerful electronic microscopes.
I inquire into matter just like an archaeologist delves into the underground. What I look for is intangible relics, which I then process, giving them a three-dimensional appearance with the help of 3D graphics techniques and sculpture. This transformation process is not passive. I do not limit myself to observing forms and magnifying them, but rather manipulate them, altering their meaning and endowing them with a new identity.
Exploring the inside of matter allows me to constantly discover forms that evoke those of the surrounding world – it is as if a memory of them lay hidden in the totality of the physical realm and circulated from nano-structures to the macrocosm, like a spontaneous flow.
Matter Waves is the title o the video installation that will be presented in the archeological underground of the museum. The images – again taken from the world of nanotechnology and processed in 3D – show earth waves that bring to light different objects as they are carried by their flow, and then reabsorbed. These objects look like authentic archaeological finds, but are actually nanostructures taken from molecular elements or polymers. The images are black and white, and only some of them contain colored objects.